How to Level an Electric Stove

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    • 1). Shut off the electric power to the stove. Turn off the circuit breaker or pull the fuses that supply power to the stove.

    • 2). Slide the stove out from its present operational location. You must be able to access all four adjustment legs under the four corners of the stove. Place the old carpet piece under the stove to avoid scratching the floor surface, if needed.

    • 3). Set the 24-inch level across the rear of the stove near the back burner elements. The bubble, inside the middle level, must be centered between the two lines. Turn the rear adjustment legs until the bubble is positioned perfectly between the two lines.

    • 4). Move the level to the front of the stovetop surface. Perform the same adjustment to the front legs.

    • 5). Set the level on the left side of the stove, so it runs from the rear to the front. Adjust the left side rear and front legs. Position the level on the right side of the stovetop in the same manner, and adjust the legs.

    • 6). Check the stovetop one last time by setting the level in all four positions. The surface should now be perfectly level.

    • 7). Slide the stove back into its operational position. Remove the old piece of carpet, if applicable. Check for level once more and adjust as necessary. Turn the power back on.

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