The Open-air Sport Makes You Feel Naturally Closer

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No matter you walk in the busy part of town park, or stroll in the riverside, stay in the outdoors and it will make you feel much closer to natural.

For many of us, out of outdoors is important for volunteers. A daily walk outdoors volunteer told us: "Nature is not elusive any more which we see from the window, I could see how things change day by day. When the flowers open every year, I will go to watch them." A 69 years old volunteers, usually take a walk in botanical garden nearby her family, she tells us that her daily walk in the garden causes her to realize herself to be too few sound understanding to bird's singing. Therefore she brings the related bird's book and the telescope when she goes to the garden to take a walk.

An Academy of Fine Arts student in general with a digital camera when walking, she says that she can take photo and send by e-mail to her family members who are living in another state. "I want them to know where I live." She said.In addition, even people walking in downtown Seattle is also looking forward to walking.|In addition, the people who walk in the business district also hope to have a walk.} They seek for the new street through the store window, feel the metropolis the pulse. Indoor sports are usually more boring because you always face the same thing. Because you few divert attention, therefore the time seems crosses very much slowly, moreover you will even more note some not happy feeling, if the calf will be sore or uses energy the breathing, but this kind in fact will reduce the movement to in vivo ill attention the profit which will produce to the mood.

In 1995 in Australia, in a research which Queensland James the Cook university carried on, the researcher let 10 well-trained athletes carry on separately two times lasts 40 minutes jogging, one time was carries in the university stadium treadmill, another time was in surrounds the campus on the shade of forest alley to carry on. Running the same speed for each volunteer. When the athletes running in the outdoors, their test scores show that their strength is increased, the anxiety, depression, anger and hostility are decreased.

However, when the athlete moves on the indoor treadmill, their mood do not obvious change. And they will feel much tired after exercise. From this study, we find that the best way to improve the mood is in a happy way to do proper strength training. Moreover, I want to supplement one, some people like the indoor sport. For example, some people like in the stadium the movement, some people like indoor having the oxygen movement, some people like participating in the indoor dance class. If the indoor activity lets you feel bored and restless, or causes your attention to concentrate in the unhappy somatic sensation, then you cannot obtain the movement the mood aspect profit which brings to you.

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