The Best Treatment For Yeast Infection - No Woman Should Miss This!

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If you've had one too many yeast infections, chances are you're wondering what is the best treatment for yeast infection?I'm sure you're fed up with ineffective treatments or treatments that take too long to kick in or just aren't that effective.
When you're dealing with the itching, burning and swelling, you want nothign but the best so that you can get this taken care of and get on with living your life.
So given all that, here are a few of the more popular and effective treatments for you to give a shot.
White vinegar If you're looking for the best treatment for yeast infection, white vinegar would be a contender.
The acidic nature of this works well as a natural anti-fungal agent.
You don't want to administer this in too strong a dose though so be careful.
You'll want to dilute it in some water.
Once you've done that, find a douche and use the douche to cleanse out the inside of your vagina.
Normally you wouldn't want to douche to treat a yeast infection, but when it's filled with this concoction you're OK.
Yogurt Yogurt is another strong contender here, it is one of the most popular natural methods.
All you need to do is get some yogurt that is sugar free and a tampon.
With these in place, simply wet the tampon in the yogurt and insert that vaginally.
Leave that in for about 1/2 hour and do that 2-3 times a day for a week or so.
The natural bacteria in the yogurt will work to kill off the yeast.
Grapefruit Seed Extract The final contender for the best treatment for yeast infection is grapefruit seed extract.
Many women rave about the effectiveness of this all natural treatment and with good reason, it's pretty darn effective.
Just put a few drops in some water and drink that down 2-3 times a day.
Keep this up until the symptoms subside.
For an added kick, use a real grapefruit! Just cut off a section and insert that vaginally.
Doing this should clear things up fast as the grapefruit is a great anti-fungal agent.
Now while the above methods are some of the best you will find, they will not kill off the yeast spores, not even store bought medication do.
If you're looking for the best treatment for yeast infection, aside from these, the real first place winner will not only treat the symptoms, but eliminate the spores so that the yeast infection does not return.
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