St. Thomas University Catholic College Ranked as Top Southern School

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US News & World Report has ranked St. Thomas University, a private, Catholic College in Miami, as a Top Regional University (South). In 2013, St. Thomas University ranked #62 on this prestigious list. The magazine has been ranking universities since 1983 (longer than traditional college students have been alive), and we're honored to be included in this year's list. What makes St. Thomas University stand out? We have outlined a few of the main reasons below.
  • St. Thomas University is the only Archdiocesan-sponsored Catholic University in Florida. This unique faith perspective allows for a great emphasis on social justice and ethics. We offer daily mass for all interested students and faculty, and our Faith Formation Program allows students to prepare for and receive a number of sacraments during the school year. Catholics and non-Catholics alike will blossom at St. Thomas University.
  • We offer unique programs such as the Sports Management Degree, the joint law/MBA program and the School of Leadership Studies. After graduation, students will be fully prepared with theoretical and practical knowledge for a job in their major and blessed with a solid base of contacts.  
  • Our students come from more than 70 countries and a wide array of backgrounds within the United States. We offer several multicultural organizations to help students stay connected to their heritage and build strong peer relationships.  Our School of Business in Florida is located in Miami, a rich melting pot of cultural diversity.
  • Students receive personal attention from faculty and staff. Most, approximately 63 percent, of St. Thomas University classes have fewer than 20 students. Small class sizes mean more interaction with the professor, as well as stimulating conversation among peers. Programs like the Sports Administration Degree offer one-on-one attention throughout your years here.
  • St. Thomas University boasts faculty members that are each experts in their field. At St. Thomas University, about 90 percent of the faculty hold the highest degree in their field. This, combined with small class sizes, makes for the best academic experience possible. Our School of Business in Floridahas access to the best and brightest in their field, and we bring the best of the best to our classrooms.  
    • St. Thomas University is devoted to "developing leaders for life." We live that mission through the School for Leadership Studies, student leadership of campus organizations, our Sports Administration Degree program and, simply, through equipping students with the theory, practice and ethical foundations to become leaders in their field.
    • Quite simply, we put our students first. According to a recent survey, 61 percent of our alumni rate their St. Thomas University experience as "excellent." There's no better way to measure success than by those who experienced it!
    • Our Miami location is a great asset. Attending a School of Business in Florida, specifically one located in a big city such as Miami, gives students the opportunity to network with a large group of professionals in a variety of fields.

At St. Thomas University, faith, academics, diversity and experience combine to create the best Catholic College possible – and we're proud that U.S. News & World Report recognizes that!
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