How to Release the Top Panel on a Whirlpool Cabrio Top-Load Washer

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    • 1). Unplug the Whirlpool Cabrio power cord and turn off the water supply to the washer. Pull the Cabrio away from the rear wall and place a container behind the unit under the hose connections.

    • 2). Turn the ends of the hoses at the back of the washer counterclockwise and remove them from the washer. Place the hose ends inside the container to capture any remaining water in the line. It is not necessary to remove the hoses for disassembling the top but it is necessary when reassembling the unit.

    • 3). Remove the three screws securing the back of the console to the washer with a nut driver. There is a screw near each end and one near the left of the hose hook-up ports. The screw heads are pointing up.

    • 4). Lift the control console off the top of the washer. Follow the set of wires from the washer to the inside of the control console. Pull the wire connector away from the console with your fingers. Set the console on a flat surface out of the way.

    • 5). Go to the front of the Cabrio washer and tape the lid to the top panel with masking tape. Insert a 2-inch putty knife into the front seam under the top panel, six inches from the right corner. Press the putty knife blade over the spring clip until it unlocks the top panel.

    • 6). Move the putty knife to the left front side, six inches from the corner. Press the blade over the spring clip to completely unlock the top panel. Lift the front of the top panel until it rests on the back hinge.

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