How to Protect Your PC From Viruses

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The computer malware software is everywhere on the internet.
You should always be aware of downloading anything, which is not familiar to you.
Keep in mind that any antivirus software won't be able to protect you from viruses on 100%.
You should always know how to avoid downloading infected files.
As a computer geek, I want to give you some advices on how to protect your PC from viruses, and especially how to avoid downloading such files.
  • Let's start with the e-mails you always receive.
    If you are worried about the sender of any e-mail you receive, just don't open it, or ask for advice from someone more familiar.
  • You should never think of downloading all those program cracks and keygens.
    If you want to keep your computer clean, and you don't want to be infected, please buy the software that you want from any authorized seller.
    You will never face viruses that way.
  • Use the right antivirus software.
    If you are browsing the internet too much, make sure that the antivirus software you are using is developed for internet security.
    There are many different variations of antivirus types.
    For example, antivirus programs that are dedicated to scan only your e-mails or these that are called "Trojan Removals", they are dedicated to remove Trojan horses.
  • Avoid using software with an unknown source.
    Better for your protection is to use commercial software purchased on DVDs/flash devices or directly sent through e-mail from its authorized seller.
If your job is to keep your very secret information on your computer, you should always prefer using more secured operating system.
There is a huge difference between each operating system and its security modules.
For example, Windows is good because it has a lot of antivirus software compatible with it, but the main reason for this is because there are many viruses targeted for it.
If you are not sure how to avoid downloading infected files and how to protect yourself, better choose to use Mac or UNIX operating systems.
And if you know that you are already infected, you should immediately search over the web for information regarding the virus.
Type any information about your problem in the search engines - there might be a lot of users already shared a solution.
Otherwise, try asking for help in web related forums.
Always be careful, there are a lot of harmful viruses over the internet, and the victims are already a lot.
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