How Do Aloe Vera Plants Reproduce?

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    • Aloe vera plants create miniature versions of themselves called "offsets" or "pups," which are produced from the roots. Cut an offset free of the parent plant with a sharp knife. Let the cut area on the offset scab over for a few days. Plant it in a small pot filled with commercial cactus soil.


    • Aloe vera plants reproduce naturally by seeds. Older plants produce tall flower stalks and spread seeds. This is more successful in a greenhouse or outdoor setting. Aloe vera plants rarely produce seeds indoors.


    • This succulent also reproduces through leaf cuttings. Once cut, allow the end of the leaf to develop a scab over the period of a few days. Plant the cutting in a small container of sand. Place the container in a warm area with bright light. Plantlets may develop in three to six months. However, the success rate of propagating aloe vera through leaf cuttings is not as good as using offsets.

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