How to Find Keywords

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What millions of bloggers are doing wrong is that they do not aim their post to a certain keyword.
Off course it is nice to write about what you like, but if you do not do any research about the subject you want to write about, than it will be very difficult for you to make any money with it.
Making money online is probably something that everything wants to achieve but most of us fail doing.
So why are some people making thousands of dollars every month while others do not make any money at all? The key to this is 'keywords'.
Keywords are the main words that cover the topic you are writing about.
It is very important to find keywords that are related to what you write about, but also make it able to make money with.
The secret is that you need to find phrases that do not have much competition in Google.
So how do you find keywords that will make you money? It all comes to research, effort and creativity.
Stop writing about acne, weight loss and related topics, you will not make any money at all with these keywords.
You need to find new niches, those that are not discovered yet by other Internet Marketeers.
So how difficult is it to find those important key phrases? Actually it is not that difficult, all you need is some practice.
To come up with ideas I always use the Google AdWords keyword tool.
This is a very useful tool that helps you find related keywords.
All you need are the initial words that you put in to the tool.
You can have a look at amazon categories and see what products they offer to come up with ideas for new niches.
Another good way to come up with new words is looking at flippa.
Have a look at websites that are for sale and come up with great ideas for new niches an key words.
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