Coasteering in Pembrokeshire

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Pembrokeshire is known for its coasteering country and its exceptional coasteering opportunities.
In fact, we're the originators of this sport as an outdoor adventure activity and as such, it's the best place you can go to engage in it.
Pembrokeshire's maritime geography and gorgeous coastlines make it the perfect place to engage in this high energy introduction to the nature of the rocky intertidal zone.
For most visitors, the question of coasteering is simply a matter of how? and when? The History of Coasteering The activities that make up the average coasteering adventure are not new to any of us.
Moving around the intertidal zone and calling it coasteering dates at least to the seventies and actually engaging in coasteering as a recreational coastal activity originated right here in Pembrokeshire.
It used to be a way to access rocky cliffs and hidden coves, but now it is an adventurous, high energy way to get up close and personal with nature-particularly sea life.
Your coasteering experience can include swimming or adventure swimming, climbing, scrambling, and sea level traversing, as well as jumping and diving.
All of these activities are calculated to bring you into closer contact with the strangely transitional zone of the country that is neither sea nor land.
Your Coasteering Experience-Its What You Make of It! One of the best things about coasteering, besides the multifaceted nature of the experience, is the way that you can customize the experience to your heart's desire.
You should never go coasteering without a proper guide or teacher, but you can choose or create a coasteering program that is exactly suited to your needs.
If you are a beginner or visiting Pembrokeshire with your family, then you might choose an easier program on a popular beach like the popular St Non's coasteer.
Or you might simply keep the session to a short half-day and leave plenty of time for rest and other activities.
A more experienced coasteerer might choose to make it a whole coasteering weekend and check out some of the areas of Pembrokeshire that few visitors ever get to see.
More isolated areas like the coast of the Pencaer peninsular offer a personal experience of the wilderness that can combine the adventurous spirit inherent to coasteering with a more contemplative mental state.
In any case, it is simply impossible to ever have the same coasteering experience twice.
The variability of the experience is simply part of the fun.
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