Tuning in to the Dating Channel

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Have you ever realized that you are an important person? And you can harness the ability to have a powerful effect on women.
But, first, I need to let you know that most of the messages you sent to others are transmitted consciously.
In other words, you spread messages when you are feeling in a particular manner.
Every time you interact with another woman, you have the power to affect how she feels about you.
Inciting the correct emotions at the appropriate times will make you deeply attractive.
Sometimes, you may not notice but, small and warm gestures make major differences in dating.
These messages come in the way you move, level of energy that you demonstrate, harshness tone of your voice, the expression that you have on your face and the way you are carrying yourself.
If you are feeling sad or unhappy, you will be transmitting that.
But, if you are feeling happy and enthusiastic, you will be spreading that energy to the people around you as well! Would you prefer to be with a person who is sad or someone who is cheerful most of the time? From a reasonable woman's point of view, she wants a man who has uplifting emotions.
Now, you can see why this makes you so attractive.
Being attractive doesn't mean that you have to be good-looking.
You can be attractive by spreading a sensational amount of energy to other people.
When people appreciate this energy or they feel a certain connection towards this energy, you will be deemed as "the most attractive man" in the room.
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