Tonight Is the Leader Father Joe Bryant Heart Come to Feel Pleased

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The most recent Lakers [microblogging] record rally, which has a great relationship with Kobe Bryant change his focus more on the ball in the field, creating opportunities for his teammates. And in the All-Star game, teammates were all replaced by all-star level player, Bryant's pass more easily create opportunities. The first section of Bryant sent out three assists in the second quarter in a row where he is to Howard Griffin [microblogging] create opportunities dunk, at half-time he had got seven assists. Although only one in the third quarter Bryant assists, but has eight assists tied his single-game record in the All-Star Game for Bryant, now he has no need to use the All-Star Game more a color or a continuous score to attract outside attention, because he already has enough status to the league, and now he is to give young players to provide a stage for the moment. But Bryant position in the league, which from the All-Star opening ceremony can be seen. When first introduced the Western All-Star Kobe Bryant was placed in the last appearance, although this season Kevin Durant [microblogging] to play even better, more eye-catching performance, but Bryant's success in the league is far more than Durant, He was placed finale comes very easy to understand. Bryant's All-Star appearances wearing clothes also show its position, embroidered silk top five championship trophies, 15 All-Star and other achievements are enough to reflect how Bryant's brilliant career of the All-Star Game was held in Houston, according to the Normally, as the host player Harden should be introduced in the opening up to the cheers, but today Toyota Center fans yet most cheers gave Bryant, who is also the All-Star voting ticket king, again Bryant is now proved that although three quarters of the status to the nature of the pitch is just for fun, but in the race to the critical moment, when the two sides want to win, Bryant also started really playing. There teammates to be responsible for scores, Bryant put more focus on defense. The fourth quarter and 2 minutes and 39 seconds, James break jumper, Bryant slap the ball down beside her fan, which creates opportunities for Durant's fast-break dunk. Bryant's defense is still not a small pressure is applied to James, James once caused bad, then again cover the shooting of James, Kobe Bryant with a defensive three rounds of filling their defensive skills, even though the opposite is standing Currently in-form James, Kobe Bryant is still used performance proved he is still one of the league's most outstanding defensive player these days, Michael Jordan and James is the NBA's mouth battle focus, says 50-year-old Father Joe Bryant outspoken than LeBron greater, while the Heat players headed also unceremoniously comeback. Now in the All-Star game, Bryant's two big hat, but also be practical action to support Jordan's stance audience Bryant went 4 9 9 points, 8 assists, 4 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocked shots after the All-Star Game last year became the largest total score of players, Kobe Bryant scored no longer need to use the brush to prove anything, he has to do is show in this stage of the game and enjoy the fun. Bryant, the highest level of personal all-star assists, plus two blocks of James, which is sufficient, to meet half of the season after the game enough to make Bryant with pleasure.

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