A Little Tenderness Helps in Winning Back Your Ex

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Whenever there is a break up happening, there will definitely be hurt feelings or fights that resulted in some sort of emotional pain between the couples.
No matter how big or small the problem that caused the break up, you and your ex will probably have hurt feelings.
In order for you to get back your ex lover, you may have to try a little tenderness to heal the wounds that are there.
Try a Little Tenderness Step 1: Examine Yourself and Your Ex Closely There may be some things about you and the way that you handle the situation that caused the relationship to become worse.
It could even be small things that you have not realized before.
Those small things may not seem a big deal to you, however, it may mean some reasons towards your partner.
Make sure you examine yourself first and see if there is anything about you that needs improvement before you try to get back your ex.
Try a Little Tenderness Step 2: Find Out the Reason for Break Up & Solve it You must know that there is definitely a reason why a break up may happen.
Once you know the true reason behind the break up, you going to work on it to solve the problem.
If you truly want to get back together, you must solve the problem once and for all.
If the problem still persist after getting back together, there may be a high chance that your relationship may break up again in the future due to the same old problem.
Face the problem with open mind instead of ignoring it; this will definitely make the relationship stronger after you have managed to solve it.
Try a Little Tenderness Step 3: Imagine and Understand How Your Partner Feel Feeling is always real to everyone so show the tenderness to your lover that you care and understand how they feel.
Whenever they get upset, do not even try to fight back or get emotional or else it will drive you apart.
You have to learn how to nurture them and help them heal.
You will also have to give them the time and space that they need.
The tenderness touch that someone can get isn't physical at all.
It comes with a sense that you understand and that you are always there for them.
You have to know when to correct someone and when to show the tenderness and compassion.
Try to find out when those moments are and try to find the best way to act in them.
If the relationship is important, you will definitely make those necessary adjustments.
Some people have this tenderness in them naturally but if you do not have it with you, you will probably have to learn how if you really want to get your ex back.
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