Play Hard-To-Get - How to Remain Mysterious Without Shooing Him Away

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After the greetings and casual flirtations, what shall you do to keep someone's interest aflame? If you easily give in and profess your feelings, will it make the person reciprocate? If you remain mysterious and "uncatchable", will it make the person stay? For the longest time, the latter remains to be a good choice.
Having an air of mystery in your personal aura never fails to leave your object of interest wanting for more.
However, to play hard-to-get can be a little risky.
In a culture where everything is made easy and attainable including dating, some people misinterpret the rules of the game.
Instead of enjoying the thrill of the chase, some people just shrug it off and give up because they think that the person is too picky.
If you do not want to risk being misinterpreted, try to follow these simple yet helpful suggestions on how to play hard-to-get with thrill.
Always be accessible but never available.
Make a man feel that he can rely on you when it comes to communication purposes.
However, have the decency to turn him down sometimes.
If he is asking you for a date, tell him that someone else already asked you out and you complied.
Not only will he be more interested, but he will also feel the need to impress you more because of his "competitors".
Don't turn him down all the time though because he might have the idea that you're a certified playgirl.
Don't appear too needy or controlling.
Men fear intimacy because they think that it will also be the end of their valued freedom.
Show him that you are different from all the clingy and insecure women that he knows.
If you want him to chase you, let him see that you are definitely worth his time.
Maintain a safe distance in your relationship.
This can get quite tricky because if he makes a move, what shall you do? If this happens, then it means that a man is really after you.
If you let him have his way, will you have the guarantee that he will stay the same? There is a reason why physical intimacy should never be rushed.
Play hard-to-get by teasing him playfully about the things that make him tick but don't let him go all the way.
Let him use his imagination well.
Show him a different side of you once in a while.
Men value honesty so never attempt to pretend as someone you are not.
Play hard-to-get by not falling into the trap of showing every inch of who you are.
Make him see that you are like a ticking bomb that's very unpredictable.
Every once in a while, show him a much unexpected side of you.
No matter how difficult it can be, playing the game right also has its rightful rewards.
If you remain elusive, you will have a great chance of eliminating those people with weak spines.
If a person is really attracted to you, he will go an extra mile to make you feel special even if you play hard-to-get.
Enjoy the game!
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