How to Make a Woman Orgasm - 3 Dirty Underground Secrets of the Sex Gurus

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If you have not been having the right kind of guidance then it is proven that you will not be very successful in anything.
Let's take chemistry for example here.
If they didn't teach you that one hydrogen atom mixes with two of oxygen then you would have thought that it make silica and not water! Sex is nothing different.
It is the same as chemistry and I as your sex guru am going to teach you 3 dirty underground secrets that will help you make your woman orgasm.
Secret 1 You woman's body has a lot of sensitive areas that can be used to trigger an orgasm.
These areas are called erogenous zones and are definitely the spots that you can easily figure out with the way your woman moans when you kiss or nip her on those areas.
The more you kiss or suck on these areas, the faster you will bring your woman to an orgasm.
Secret 2 The very next secret lies within a hood a little above her vagina and is called the clitoris.
Learn to locate her clitoris and you can do wondrous things to your woman.
This is the main organ that helps your woman reach her orgasm.
So learn to satisfy her orally and stimulate her clitoris while penetrating her.
Secret 3 The third secret is what I call the hidden secret.
It is called the g-spot and is strategically located two inches into her vagina and a little below her clitoris.
Now you don't have to worry because you can easily reach within her with your fingers during foreplay and also during penetrations.
Here are the three dirty secrets that I had promised.
Now that you have learned them by-heart, go ahead and explore your woman's secrets and make your woman orgasm like never before.
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