Appealing to Audiences" Inner "Divergent" Factions

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Building a compelling marketing strategy requires understanding the unique characteristics of a company's customers. In the wildly popular young adult book and film trilogy "Divergent," characters are sorted into one of five categories based on their dominant personality traits.

Use the Five Factions to Sort Typical Customer Profiles

- Amity - Seen as the most peaceful individuals, these modern day flower children completely reject war and see everything as resolvable through peace.

Customers and clients who portray amity will be easy to please. These will be your easiest customers to draw and keep. Use a positive attitude in communications and customer service for best results. These customers are only apt to leave if they are treated poorly or see your organization trashing competitors.

- Dauntless - Considered "brave," those belonging to the dauntless category are major critics of cowardice. Dauntless individuals behave with little regard toward worry. Dressing in black with bold features and tattoos, the dauntless characters embody a sort of rebellious strength which is loud and proclaimed.

Dauntless customers or clients will be bold. Expect this customer base to challenge your policies, but also to be the first to try a new test product or offer bellowing praise when inspired. Keep these customers interested with new product trials, cheeky campaign strategies, and a no-fear attitude toward competitors.

- Erudite - These intelligent individuals value brains and reject ignorance, blaming it for society's foibles. It is perceived by members of the other factions that knowledge can sometimes lead to an abuse of power. Overall, these individuals often proclaim their intellect, speak eloquently, and pursue the expansion of knowledge

These clients or customers are guaranteed to be well-informed. Statistics, product analyses, and detailed features will be necessary to keep these customers intrigued. These customers cannot be won over with fancy packaging or celebrity endorsement.

- Abnegation - These individuals reject self-importance and have a very conservative view of appearance, relationships, and behavior. Sometimes, their selflessness and moral servitude can be seen as submissive and even weak. In the novel, critics refer to those who belong to the Abnegation as "stiff," which might be a common critique of people who behave this way in real life.

Customers or Clients who portray these traits are traditional. Treating these individuals with respect and not straying from norms will help land these customers and keep them.

- Candor - These individuals are brutally honest and see everything in black and white.

Customers with candor will tell it like it is. They will critique your service, products, and reputation in the business. Give these customers the opportunity to present feedback through social media polls, comment cards, and other survey materials and then act upon their honesty-driven feedback. These customers would also never forgive a brand that went back on their word, so honesty is expected as freely as it is given.

How can your company meet the needs of one type while appealing to all five?

Is it possible to be positive, bold, intellectual, conservative, and straight-shooting all at once? Absolutely. Companies who remain on top of the world - Apple, Microsoft, and others - find a balance between all of these traits within their branding strategy. Seek a genuine balance to keep a well-rounded customer base.

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