Do You Say, "My Husband Hates Having Sex"? 3 Reason Why it May Be True

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"My husband hates having sex.
" Does that surprise you--that you would have to make a statement like that?
Probably it does.
When you first got married, it seemed like that was all he had on his mind.
Then you hear statements something like.
"All you have to get him ready for physical intimacy is to show up!" (And, generally, that is often true.
) What are some reasons your husband doesn't want to have sex? There are three common reasons for a situation like this.
So, if you want to know how to get your husband to have sex, understand the causes.
Then act in helpful ways.
Your Husband May Feel Disconnected Emotionally We often think that this would apply to the wives.
If you feel disconnected emotionally, that is likely to affect you in the physical area, since, for many women, all of life is viewed as being interrelated.
While husbands are often able to focus on one thing at a time, they are not perfect at succeeding in this way.
The surprising thing for you may be that your husband may feel disconnected emotionally, and this may make it very difficult for him to engage in something that doesn't seem to be entirely consistent and truthful (like engaging in physical intimacy when he feels emotionally disconnected).
Your Husband May Be Self-Conscious of His Own Appearance You should understand that people are sometimes self-conscious about their own appearance.
If your husband has perhaps gained weight, and some of his muscles have lost their tone, he may feel self-conscious.
Because of this self-consciousness, he may be reluctant to uncover himself.
This may not seem reasonable, and your husband may not even make the connection between these feelings and why they make the idea of physical intimacy undesirable, but sometimes this can be a reason why he doesn't like physical intimacy.
Again, if you wonder how to get your husband to have sex, try to understand why he feels the way he does.
Then try to help him with those issues.
Your Husband May be Damaged Emotionally Because of Some Careless Remarks.
Sometimes husbands seem so gruff and tough, it would seem like nothing said would bother them.
(For most men, though, inwardly they desire to learn to display tenderness and to be a romantic person.
) Sometimes the man feels clumsy in his attempts to be romantic.
Since he doesn't like to fail, he may not like to get involved in an accompanying activity (physical intimacy).
What can you do about this? If you help him work through these issues, you may no longer have to say, "My husband hates having sex.
Actually, one thing that most men desire will actually help with all 3 problems.
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