A Review Of The Game Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition

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After spending almost a day downloading this game, the installation failed at 70%. I searched and all sorts of individuals have had this problem for over a year and this has never been solved. Apparently, this is because of the corrupt RAR files in the download. Finally, I managed to avoid the problem by downloading the game again, replacing good RAR files from the new download, and install the game from there. In general, the process was much more work than I would have liked. If I had known in advance about it, I just bought a physical copy of the game.

The disadvantage I had with this game that others may consider an advantage would be the way that inventory items are rated. I do not like inventory management, and although the interface does a good job of making it easy to do, I do not like how difficult it is to find when you get an object (armor, weapon, etc.) that is better than what you currently have.

With all the variations, it is difficult to know. Some people like variety, but I do not think it increases the "fun" of the game. I had this problem with the game, Mass Effect, as well, but finally realized that a better weapon or armor would have no real impact on gameplay, so I stopped micro-managing the outfits of the characters.

This is a solid RPG, similar to Mass Effect, but with a touch of dark fantasy. I enjoyed Mass Effect, and this game meets all the way as expected. The story and character development is really great. The conversations and cut scenes are distributed so you can skip some of the scene if you've seen before, or do not care. This is a problem in other games (like Assassin's Creed).

The game itself, however, is great! It works perfectly. The structure and story are amazing, real feeling of classic RPG, etc. I really recommend this game; however, there will be some problems with downloads. I probably give five stars for this game if not for the download process problem.

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