Avoiding Tourist Traps in Madrid

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The beautiful European city Madrid is the capital of Spain and is famous for sunny climate and friendly people.
The country is known for a number of surprises and activities.
Lively nightlife, art, tapas and beer makes the city vibrating.
There is a lot in Madrid that can make your tour unforgettable but it is important that you be aware of the tourist traps that are unfortunately experienced by a number of tourists in Madrid.
A few tips can help you cut off from the negative aspects called tourist traps and remain unaffected.
While you are in Madrid, do not hire taxis of travel, with few exceptions.
It is not necessary to hire a taxi if you are staying in the central part of Madrid.
Madrid has a broad subway system where metro train is used to reach every possible destination conveniently.
The metro covers almost all destinations in Madrid whether they are inside the city or in the outskirts.
Even from the airport, you can get the metro train and reach the center of Madrid in not more than 2 Euros.
Metro train in Madrid offers a cheap and comfortable journey.
At the same time traveling in Madrid by metro is quite safe.
For eating, do not choose Plaza Mayor.
It is great to immerse yourself in the culture of the town that you are visiting and also indulge in daily rites like locals do.
There is no qualm that the Plaza Mayor is amongst the best and most beautiful places that's city has but it is not one place where locals do not like to sit and dine.
A number of restaurants that are located among the red brick arches are known to be tourist traps as the rates are highly inflated and compared to the food and service.
Tipping is not a good idea in Madrid.
This is because, waitresses, waiters and others in your service are generally paid a good salary and you are charged with heavy taxes every time you opt for a service.
A part of service taxes are meant for these people and they do not expect any generous tips.
This will make your trip convenience and at the same you will be able to save a modest amount of money.
We should not also give money to beggars as you'll find a lot of them around Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor area.
These beggars are that are deformed or handicapped are generally been controlled by the mafia organization and is said to be a big tourist trap.
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