Why Guys Have a 10 Day Rule Before Asking For Another Date

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Have you ever wondered why guys wait 10 days before they even call you again? I know it's a mystery to many women when guys just don't call even though it was a great first date.
Well let me tell you the secret of men and why they don't call for fear.
Men have a secret I need space rule and they don't want be overcrowded so quickly.
Men have a lot of fears or even insecurities about themselves.
Most men feel a little weird after the first date, because they may not live up to expectations from her.
Men won't even think about calling the next day because they may feel they are too desperate.
Here are some simple guidelines that will help the girls to understand why men just want to wait 10 days or so for the next phone call.
Men don't want to feel desperate just because the weekend is coming up and they don't have a date for the weekend.
Nobody wants to be dateless on Friday and Saturday nights.
Nobody wants to broadcasts to the world that I am dateless and desperate.
I cannot even get a date for this weekend.
Guys love their space.
You're simply not on his priority list for now.
It could be the fact he simply is not that much into yet.
He just met you.
You cannot expect a guy to fall madly in love with you that quickly.
He might be thinking of other issues that are pending on his mind and you're just not that important to him right now.
He might be even thinking about the other girl he met the other day.
It takes a lot for a guy to call you.
It is like part of his soul is escaping from himself because in reality it is showing commitment.
The commitment word is like death to a guy.
Men just like their space.
They like their 50 inch plasma TVs.
They like driving with the top down on the car.
A guy's fear is just that they may lose that sense of freedom.
Have a little patience with the men.
They will eventually come out of their shell and open up to you.
I know it's hard to understand this but in the end the guy will call.
If all else fails call him.
Ask him out to happy hour.
What do you have to lose?
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