Five Of The Best Goals From The Halfway Line (And Beyond!)

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On April 4, 2015 Charlie Adam scored one of the most memorable goals in soccer history.

Stoke City’s Scottish midfielder let fly from fully 59 yards (well inside his own half) and lobbed a wonderful effort over Chelsea’s Thibault Courtois.

This strike may not be spoken out in the same glowing terms as David Beckham’s at Wimbledon back in 1995, simply because Adam is a less fashionable name than Beckham. But this goal was superior.

With that in mind, here are five of the very best long-range goals in soccer history.

1. Charlie Adam (Chelsea v Stoke City)

With the score at 1-0 to Chelsea, Adam spotted Courtois off his line in the 43rd minute at Stamford Bridge. Courtois was outside his penalty area, but this was not an unreasonable position to take up, given that the ball was not even in his own half. Adam looked up and went for it. His 59-yard strike was bit with pace and although Courtois scrambled back frantically, he could not stop the effort sailing into his net. The sheer pace and distance of this strike means it is not an understatement to call this one of the best in soccer history.More »

2. David Beckham (Wimbledon v Manchester United,

This goal helped raise a young Beckham’s profile and together with his strike for England against Greece to help his country reach the 2002 World Cup finals, is arguably his most memorable. Beckham was on the halfway line when he let fly with his right foot, his shot beating Neil Sullivan who could not keep the ball out despite his best efforts.More »

3. Maynor Figueroa (Wigan Athletic v Stoke City)

This was a fantastic piece of improvisation from the Honduran. Wigan had won a free-kick just inside their own half and spotting Stoke goalkeeper Thomas Sorensen just off his line, Figueroa wasted no time in flighting the ball over the Dane and into the top corner. This was another effort that had to be struck with ferocious pace, with Sorensen not too far off his line. More »

4. Moritz Stopelkamp (Paderborn v Hannover)

The net may have been vacant with Hannover’s goalkeeper up in the Paderborn area chasing a late equalizer, but that should not take away from the quality of this strike from Stopelkamp. When the German struck, he was closer to his own penalty area than the center circle and his strike traveled an astonishing 83 meters before finishing up in the Hannover net.More »

5. Nayim (Real Zaragoza v Arsenal)

How Tottenham Hotspur fans loved to taunt their Arsenal rivals about this one. The score was level at 1-1 in this European Cup Winners Cup final when Tottenham’s former charge popped up with an outrageous strike that, frankly, made David Seaman look a little bit silly. Nayim’s goal was struck from a lesser distance than the other four, but the fact that it won a major European trophy adds to its significance. Nayim also gets full marks for sheer audacity on what was a major occasion.More »
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