Definition of a Lift Chair

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    • A lift chair functions by tilting upward from the back when a user wants to stand or sit. After a user sits, he can push a button to take the rear of the chair back to a normal level.


    • A person who has a bad back, weak knees or a number of other ailments can sit down and stand up without placing undue pressure on joints, bones or muscles by using a lift chair.


    • Most lift chairs will work for users who weigh up to as much as 450 pounds. Some chairs also have additional accessories such as a massage feature or a heated seat back.


    • There are two types of lift chairs. Two-position chairs will recline slightly as well as tilt forward. Three-position lift chairs will tilt forward, recline slightly and lay back nearly horizontal to the ground.


    • Because lift chairs run on electricity, you must place them in areas that are close to electrical outlets or you must run an extension cord from the chair to the outlet.

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