A Visit to Barcelona: Now and Then!

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The exuberance and ebullience of today's Barcelona makes it hard to believe the real past of it, when the place was all about factories and warehouses around, scruffy beaches and not so developed and maintained lifestyle. Suddenly, it emerged as a place which can be compared to big and world renowned places which offers sightseeing and attractions. People began counting barcelona spain tourist attractions among world's best places. Forgetting the past, people are beguiled with the charms and attractions of Barcelona, Spain.

Need for Change!

Going by the past, this drastic change occurred when the city had to beautify itself in the lieu of summer Olympics. The city was hosting the event and revamped itself, removed the railway tracks and focused mainly on tourist infrastructure. Many good changes occurred. Brand new and elegant brands were invited. Hotels and resorts were established and restaurants began offering delicious local as well as international cuisines. Museums and more tourist attractions were established along with modern buildings and exuberant nightlife. This gave the travel lovers a valid reason to visit the place and experience the offered amenities at barcelona sightseeing. Perspective changed and people started seeing it from a different point of view.

What's Different!

Barcelona is the best known for seven sandy beaches which are stretched over 4km of coastline. People come here to take a break from their normal life and spending few moments of their life without any worry. Apart from spending some tranquil moments on the beach, one can enjoy some activities too such as biking, windsurfing, sailing and more. Beach bar is another attraction for this city. This is a must visit place which gives you an opportunity to enjoy the life at its fullest. 

What's Unique!

When talking about newly evolved Barcelona, the first noticeable thing would be its unique art and architecture. Gaudi is the name to remember for his fantastic sense of art. Park Guell is the first name to take while talking about architecture of Barcelona. It is a public park which has been designed with colorful broken ceramics. The amazing kind of designs provides a spectacular view to the park which people appreciate a lot.

What's Desirous!

The talk of tour and travel is not complete without talking about the kind of food it offers. Barcelona spain travel guide says that food lovers are spoilt for choice here; no matter they are vegetarian, or any other. This place readily offers different kinds of foods with which people pamper their taste buds. The amazing blend of fishes, meats and vegetables which is rare to find at other places is one of the most sought delicacy which are served with bread. No matter whether you are a food connoisseur or not, your plate will be loaded with varieties of food dishes. The best thing is that one can get food for every taste as well as budget. Just give it a try and you could not resist coming back to the place again.

All these features together make Barcelona a must visit place.
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