How To Place Laptop Battery For A Long Time

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How dare you start charging, while you are operating? You are not afraid of exploding batteries? Although its a joke, it reflects the misunderstanding of laptop batteries. Like this HP 432306-001 Laptop Battery, it has used for one time. But now it went strike. Why?

It is a new battery. And its owner used it for one month. Then he went abroad. Six months later. When he came back and had his laptop battery in use. It didnt work. whats the problem? He was confused about his new 432306-001 Laptop Battery.

many notebook manufacturers on the proposed electricity users than in the control of the battery in about 5%, this approach is the elimination of the passive electrode, because the laptop batteries at the factory had a slow time of the self-discharge (active cells of the things that have been in the workshop is complete, do not need us to worry about), a notebook is very likely to be consumers in the factory six months after purchase, the battery has been discharged the six months the. I recommend my friends here again is if long-term use without the battery and AC adapter power supply, it is best to leave the laptop battery 40% 50% of electricity allowed to self-discharge more than the absence of power, then put the battery from can easily go wrong or even scrapped. Do you want to, ah, self-discharge is certainly to be put in, but there is no power what you put it, no problem will be strange!

There is also a need to pay attention to the question: if long-term battery-powered and not powered with AC adapter, put the battery in a cool dry place such as cabinets. This approach is to avoid humid environment. The laptop is not the best place to hold the battery if you dont use it for a long time like two or three months even longer. The best way is to take off the battery and have the power discharge to a lower capacity. Then put it in a dry and cool place.

Like my friends new 432306-001 Laptop Battery, if he attached more importance to his battery, it wont have such problem.
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