Making Money on the Internet - An Opportunity For Those Who Lost Their Job

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You no longer have a job, you have extra time on your hands, and you need money.
 This is an unfortunate circumstance, but it can also be a great time to take advantage of an opportunity to make money on the Internet.
 Learn to make money through free article marketing today and start your journey to making money on the Internet tomorrow.
  Let's cut to the chase...
you can learn to make extra money on the Internet with little investment.
 I say little investment because you'll have to invest some time in your efforts.
 However, article marketing itself will cost you nothing to get started, which is perfect when the pocket book is a little strapped.
  What is Article Marketing? Article Marketing is an online marketing approach to promoting someone else's product.
 This means that you don't have to create anything, you market what is already available and when someone buys the product through your efforts you get paid.
  How Do They Know Who to Pay? Once you found a niche to promote, you locate a product to fulfill that niche and sign up as an affiliate for the product.
 It sounds more confusing than it really is.
 Let's pretend there is a new book that sells for $30 online and it is selling very well.
 You sign-up as an affiliate and promote the book.
 When someone buys the book through your article the distributor of the product pays you, the affiliate, a commission.
  How Much of a Commission? The commission rates very depending upon the product in the affiliate program.
 Some affiliate products may pay as little as 3% while others will pay 50% and up to 75% commissions.
 I don't know about you, but I would prefer the higher commission rates.
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