A Review of the HP Pavillion TouchSmart 11z Laptop

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Many tech savvy individuals cannot do without their laptops, which in essence enable them to conveniently carry out the various functions that matter most to them in their day to day living.
This includes lightning fast web browsing, assorted work endeavors, or even downloading and playing their favorite multimedia files.
To this end, most notebook manufacturers have over the recent years tried to make products that can amply accommodate the needs of this particular clientele base.
The HP Pavillion TouchSmart 11z happens to be one of the best budget notebooks in the market.
It offers excellent and some might deem revolutionary features and specifications, which have within a remarkably short time, made it one of the leading laptops of the past year.
This can largely be attributed to its integration of a powerful touchscreen that makes navigation of your apps and files infinitely easier.
Design and build With a 11.
6" screen and a resolution of 1,366 X 768, this notebook is encased in a seamless metallic casing in keeping with HP's famous silver and black color scheme.
This display happens to be LED-backlit and is covered with a seamless glass that gives it a sleek and immensely sophisticated look and feel.
Not forgetting its excellent on-screen touch response.
What's even better this ultra-thin laptop weighs a paltry 3.
4 pound, which naturally, makes it an extremely portable notebook.
Additionally, it features a noteworthy keyboard tray that happens to be one of its highlights.
Not forgetting its heavy duty rounded hinges that can be the envy of many of its rivals which carry a heftier price tag.
The touchscreen is encapsulated by a smooth covering, which only gives way at the edges to an ultra-thin rubber bumper.
Against the popular trend this touchscreen has different left and right mouse buttons.
On the other hand, the keyboard happens to be just right for a notebook featuring a 11.
6", and features miniature keys that will be the delight of all its users.
Among these include reversed function F-keys at the top, which makes it effortlessly easy to tweak the laptop's brightness and even speaker volume.
Performance The HP Pavillion TouchSmart 11z is powered by a dual core AMD processor, with a maximum RAM capacity of 4 GB, and a fully-functional 500 GB hard drive.
It works on the windows 8 operating system, and is particularly top-rated in its apps multitasking capabilities, when compared to other notebooks in the same price range.
This includes the Asus VivoBook X202E that is powered by an Intel Atom Z2760 processor.
Networking This ultra-thin laptop comes with 2 USB 3.
0 ports plus an additional USB 2.
Despite missing an optical drive, it has Ethernet and 802.
11n wifi web connectivity that can effectively handle all your basic internet accessibility needs.
Sound/Video check The HP Pavillion TouchSmart 11z has good stereo speakers for a laptop with its specifications, with an in-built signal processor.
It is also comes with combo headphone and microphone jack.
In keeping with the tradition of budget notebooks, it has a HDMI plus VGA video output and an Ethernet jack.
Battery This laptop comes with an efficient battery that can offer more than 5 hours in uninterrupted video playback, which is arguably better than what most budget notebooks operating on Intel Core processors can offer.
Verdict This laptop promises to be an excellent concession on both elegance and affordability, when compared with other overpriced alternatives.
With an excellent build, and good overall performance, the HP Pavillion TouchSmart 11z is an efficient and well-priced notebook.
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