How to Make a Cute Door Snake

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    Make a Cute Door Snake

    • 1). Make two tubes with your material. Most doors are 36 inches wide, but there are different sizes, so measure your doors width and add on about 5 inches. You'll want your snake to go slightly beyond the openings. The tube should be around 18 inches around and you need to add on about an inch for the hem, so for a standard door you would cut your material 41 by 19 inches. Cut one from your plain material and one from your tightly weaved material. The plain color is going on the outside, so you will want it to be able to match all holidays and seasons. Off white or green work well.

    • 2). Sew the tubes. With your material inside out, sew up your side, turn at one corner and sew up the end. On the tightly weaved tube, sew all but about an inch of the remaining end. On the outside tube, turn the material in about a 1/2 inch and sew in Velcro on the remaining end. Turn them back, right side out.

    • 3). Fill your inside tube with pellets. They are polyethylene pellets or "beans." You can get them at your local craft store. Use a funnel and stick the end in the tube and pour until it is full. Sew the remaining inch tight, overlap where you ended before so you don't have any pellets leaking out.

    • 4). Sew a piece of Velcro, about 1 1/2 inches long directly in the middle of the outside tubes length. Sew the matching piece onto a stuffed animal or doll. Use something that matches your decor or the holiday. Use a stuffed snowman in the winter or a bunny for Spring. If your room is Victorian, get a nice Victorian dressed ceramic doll that can sit down.

    • 5). Put your inside tube in the outside tube and pull it down to fit tight. Stick on your animal or doll and put in front of your door. Of course, being on the floor it's going to get dirty. Take your outside tube off, disconnect you animal and throw it in the wash. Put it back together and change it for a new season.

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