Becoming Proficient at Search Engine Optimization

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Webmasters and developers frequently ask how to learn about search engine optimization (SEO).
While there are many ways to learn about SEO, it is always a process and never happens overnight.
Like most professions, it requires months to get the basics down and years to become truly proficient.
Search engine optimization books The first step in learning about SEO should be to read a book or two on the subject.
Though the field of search engine optimization has historically been very secretive, good books are now being published on the topic to expose at least the basics.
Books are a great way to develop a solid foundation of SEO knowledge because they typically present information in a logical order.
They start out with the basics including common terminology and optimization techniques.
They then build on those basics and move on to more advanced techniques.
The knowledge you gain by reading a book or two will be invaluable for future stages of the learning process.
Be sure to select books which have been written in the last year or two as the field of search engine optimization is constantly changing.
Online SEO forums and blogs There are many great resources available on the web for learning about search engine optimization.
These include forums and blogs dedicated to the topic of SEO.
While some of the premium sites are subscription based, many are absolutely free.
Most industry leaders in the SEO profession like Danny Sullivan and Aaron Wall run such sites on the web.
Others like Matt Cutts from the anti-spam team at Google also provide a lot useful insights into how search engines work.
An effective tactic for learning about SEO once you have read a book or two is to begin following the industry greats online.
There is a lot of misinformation on the web regarding SEO, so the key to online learning is determining which sites provide accurate information and which do not.
By following respected SEO professionals, you filter out a lot of the "noise" created by those who think they know about search engine optimization but really only know enough to be dangerous.
Experimenting with SEO on your own sites Experience is always the best teacher, so having a web site of your own to try out what you have learned or to test your own theories about SEO is instrumental in the learning process.
You can learn a lot from the written word, but hands-on experience is the best way to learn.
With the proliferation of free hosting and software like WordPress, there is no excuse for not having your own site.
Sites like Blogger and WordPress provide everything you need free of charge to get a blog up and running in minutes.
Learning about search engine optimization never ends The SEO profession is always changing.
The search engines are changing their algorithms almost daily.
SEO professionals are developing new techniques to make their pages rank better.
So never stop learning.
Set aside time everyday to continue to educate yourself on the latest developments in search engine optimization.
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