Gemstone Jewelry

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Historically gemstones are as old as mankind.
As series of civilizations discovered different stones and treated them they came to be known as gemstones.
Appearing millions of years ago in form of rock formations, buried as unknown treasures beneath the earth, gems are truly fascinating.
Out of the nearly 2000 minerals discovered, about 100 of them have attained a place in the jewel kingdom.
Of these 100, there are 16 gemstones that have a huge market in today's jewelry market.
Leading the list of course are diamonds, topaz, ornate, zircon, tourmaline, opal, jade, garnet, lazurite, feldspar, beryl, chyrsoberyl, spinel, corundum, quartz and olivine.
With many myths surrounding them, some are known as 'tears of heaven' or 'supernatural drops of blood'.
Gemstones were worn by men and women in ancient times.
They attained spiritual significance in some cultures.
Soon the gems became a part of birth and death.
Birthstones are common the world over and have become important pieces of ornaments for all age groups.
Depending on the gemstones one can decide on the way it has to be worn.
With proper care these jewels can last a lifetime and also passed on as a legacy to future generations.
Most important is the evaluation and pricing.
The cut, color, treatment determine the quality and final pricing.
Eventually it is the treatment that decides the value of the gemstone.
For example, many jewelers try to coat the stone to get a higher price.
You may get jasper dipped in petroleum product; oil coated emerald, or waxed turquoise.
Dye is another treatment technique for gem jewelry.
A rose quartz or Lapis can be dyed.
Some gemstones have undergone the heat process.
A ruby, topaz, amethyst, aquamarine, tanzanites are heated to get the best color finish.
Gemstones like diamonds, emerald, blue topaz and aquamarine have to undergone irradiation to remove imperfections.
While buying gemstone jewelry, look for right qualities and ask the jewelry the right questions.
Ideally buying the genuine stones are better than fake ones.
If there are cracks in the gemstone, beads are darker.
The bead should not be dyed to alter the color scheme.
A 16 inch strand should not be 14 or 15 inch less.
Chipped or cracked beads can tear the necklace.
As far as possible all beds should be of the same shape.
Good color and good holes are also essential part of the checking process before buying.
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