Video Marketing Equipment - What Is The Best Camera For Video Marketing Online?

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Video marketing equipment can help in your affiliate and home based business campaigns, but it is not the deciding factor in the success or failure of your video marketing.
The main thing to focus on is the content rather than the type of video marketing equipment used.
So in this article we will quickly go over the essentials of the types of equipment for your video marketing, as well as reveal one of the most lucrative ways to monetize your videos.
In terms of the type of camera to use for your videos, I would go for whatever equipment you already have access to.
If you have a Smartphone with video recording capability such as the iPhone then that will be more than enough.
Simply hold the camera out at arms length and point at your face and you are good to go! Or just buy a cheap flip cam or handheld camcorder from eBay and that will be sufficient.
I would go as far as saying that cheap equipment is better for video marketing, especially if you are an affiliate marketer working from home to promote your network marketing or home based business opportunities.
People buy from other people, and are much more likely to relate to someone with unprofessional low budget videos than someone who has all these snazzy graphics, editing, and specialist lighting.
With online marketing as a self employed entrepreneur then you want to attract people into your business that relate to you.
It is much easier to get people to relate and connect with you when you appear at the same level as opposed to someone with superior equipment and skills.
Another reason why the more simple cameras are better for your online videos is because it is quicker to do.
With expensive equipment you need to setup the lighting, plug-in an external microphone, and then perform complex rendering and editing of the footage.
The file sizes are usually very large and slow to upload with this type of high-end equipment as well.
But with a low budget camcorder or smartphone camera all you need to do is point the camera at your face and speak for a few minutes, upload to YouTube with a few clicks and you are good to go.
It is far better to just get your videos done and out there for people to see than worrying about the technical equipment aspects of things.
The main thing that will determine your results with video marketing is the value you deliver and the relationships you build.
The content is so much more important than the aesthetical appearance of your videos.
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