Cheap Women"s Car Insurance - Are Insurance Companies Being Unfair to Men?

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To most people, auto insurance companies may seem to have some gender bias and are even thought to be discriminatory against men.
Come to think of it, if you take a man and a woman of identical age, with similar driving records, and with more or less the same kind of cars, you can be sure that the cheaper car insurance premium would go to the lady.
Why, you might ask? Before you start confusing yourself thinking these insurance firms have something against men, there is more to read below that would help settle the score about cheap women's car insurance.
Truth is, it really has nothing to do with gender discrimination.
Rates of insurance premium are determined in part by actuarial tables, which is actually just another way of calling a set of stats on the kind of risk a plan holder will present to the company.
The computation behind an insurance premium involves factors like the age of the customer, vehicle specs, the average travel distance, driving history, and the gender of the driver.
Insurance firms are in business to make money, so it is only imperative that they are fully aware of how much risk is involved with each of their customers.
Because of this, insurance companies have figured that the gender of their customers has proven to correlate to risk level.
Women have been found less likely to play a part in accidents, and if ever they do, the circumstances are almost always less serious.
This lower risk level explains why female drivers are charged lower auto insurance premiums.
There are some thoughts as to why women are considered better risks for car insurance firms.
There are those who believe that lady drivers are not as aggressive on the road as their male counterparts because they do not have as much of the hormone testosterone as men do.
There are also arguments that point to the nature of women to be more nurturing and cautious than men, which translates to gentler driving habits.
These ideas taken together make it conclusive that women would not be as competitive on the road as men.
Wrapping things up, it is safe - or even factual - to say then, that there is no bias at all against men when it comes to insurance premium rates.
It all comes down to the desire of insurance companies to take care of their assets, so that any entity that poses more risk for them, whatever its gender, will have to be charged more.
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