SE Ranking - 3 Ways to Get Better SE Ranking For Your Site Using Social Networking Methods

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Building your own website can be tough going; you either have to learn about how to do it, or pay handsomely to have it done for you.
You also have to get your head around hosting and domain names.
So although I endorse it, it's not for everyone.
Fortunately there's an alternative to getting yourself, and your business known on the web; through Social Networking sites.
In this article, I'll give you a brief introduction to how blogging, twitter, and LinkedIn sites can help to get you noticed online.
 Blogging for SEO.
Optimising your blog with highly relevant keywords and content can be to twofold advantage.
On one side, there's organic searching that'll find you blog, and on the other hand you have the facility to "ping" your blog.
A "Ping" is a site that you visit and it acts as platform for you to alert the search engine spiders that you've just created some new content on your blog; you wave your arm in the air and shout out "here it is, come and get it".
It should get you noticed and therefore ranked more quickly, but nothing's ever 100% with the SE's in this manner.
 Look at Twitter as an online, or website equivalent of you mobile phone text messaging facility.
It's communication ability in both micro, and larger is worth considering.
On the one hand it's quite easy to keep popping quick messages to people, and vice versa.
As you keep posting snips of interesting information, about your pre-targeted niche, the chances are that'll accrue followers - possibly hundreds of them.
Then you post a message how-to message about something with in your niche, which interests a couple of you followers, who have hundreds of their own followers, in the same niche.
All of a sudden your URL's viral.
The better your site is optimised for the search engines; the more you'll be noticed, the more you'll be "twittered" 3.
 LinkedIn is another site with potential for improving your SE ranking.
Results won't happen overnight, so be patient.
But LinkedIn tends to attract organic traffic and  higher-ranking websites, so your optimised web pages will get ranked more highly accordingly through the associated linking with these.
Optimise you linkedIn site so that you have links pointing back to your other sites and pages.
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