How to Start Your Own Web Design Company

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Do you have a flair for art or design? Would you like to work when you want and not have to be bogged down by set hours? Web design is something that can pay big bucks and become a lucrative career move for you.
It will always be in demand, because there will always be someone or some business that will need their website and webpages designed.
You can start this in the comfort of your own home and only if you want, can expand into a much larger venture.
Plus, having a web design company comes with some financial perks, such as low overhead costs.
Here are some things you can do to get started: Make sure that you have the equipment and tools to start.
You will need a computer, internet service (preferably DSL or Broadband) and web design software.
You can go to any office supply store and check out the different software packages they have available.
Before you start advertising and marketing, it's good to have a few samples to show for your business portfolio.
You may not make a lot of money up front, but as long as something's coming in, you'll have something to show for it.
Build a website for your business and show off some of your works there.
After you've built up a little clientele, then you can really start marketing your business.
Create fliers and business cards as a low-cost form of advertisement.
Don't forget about the power of the internet.
Find places online that will allow you to post ads.
Also, ask the clients that you do have to spread the word about your business.
Offer them a discount on the next project if they help you get a few clients.
You can also get more clients by contracting yourself for freelance work.
Look for sites such as Craigslist or similar sites that are looking for people to design their website.
You never know what kind of clients you'll get.
You may just hit the jackpot with a large company and end up being their main web designer.
Once you company starts growing, you'll want to upgrade your computer or even buy a second one for website design only.
For more professional work, you'll also need to upgrade your software to preferably something like Adobe.
As you continue to grow, you may want to think about incorporation.
You should consult with legal counsel first prior to doing that.
Also, hire the services of an accountant.
The more money you start to make, the less time you'll have to reconcile it yourself.
Make sure that you and the client are in agreement about everything, from the project to the pricing.
The last thing you want is to be stiffed by clients after you have finished their project.
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