How to Replace Glazing Points

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    • 1). Score the edge of the window putty where it meets the window sash with a utility knife. Scoring is simply separating the putty from the window frame to make it less difficult to remove with a putty knife.

    • 2). Insert a putty knife between the bottom of the window putty and the window, and begin removing the putty from the window. The putty will probably be hardened so take your time. If your window is only loose, you could break the glass by rushing through the removal process.

    • 3). Locate the glazing points on all sides of the window glass. There are usually three on each side, top and bottom of the glass opening. Use needle-nose pliers to grab the edge of the glazing points and pull the glazing points out of the window sash. A safe way of doing this is to grab the glazing point from the side while resting the handle of the pliers on the edge of the sash. Press down on the handle and the pliers will lift the glazing point out without touching the window glass.

    • 4). Pull the window glass out of the sash. Clean the area where the glass fits inside the window sash. Remove all debris from the rabbet. The rabbet is the recessed area in the window sash where the glass rests. Use the putty knife to remove any residual glazing compound or putty on the inside of the sash where the face of the window glass rests as well. If you are using the old window glass, clean the glass of any putty or caulk.

    • 5). Using a caulking gun, apply a thin bead of acrylic caulk to the inside rim of the rabbet where the window glass will rest. Set the window glass in place and press it firmly against the window sash. Press the points of the glazing points into the window sash against the glass. Use a putty knife to carefully push the glazing points into the wooden window sash. You may have to use a rocking motion to seat each glazing point into the sash.

    • 6). Put some glazing compound into the palm of your hand and roll the compound between your hands to form a rope. Set the rope between the glass and the sash rabbet and firmly press the rope compound into the rabbet. Use a putty knife to smooth out the rope compound on all four sides of the window.

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