MLSP - How To Get Through The "Getting Started" Phase

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MLSP (My Lead System Pro / MLM Lead System Pro) is a MLM lead generating system / database with marketing training on multiple different types of marketing methods.
Network marketers from all walks of life seem to be finding their way to the internet these day and only the strong and wise survive.
Those who find MLSP have a hand up in the game but there is a hefty learning curve in any lead system you choose so this article is to help you get through that initial set up phase using MLSP so that you can move forward into marketing and start generating leads as quickly as possible.
First Log In To Your My Lead System Pro Account Once you log in and your account is properly established with security code etc.
, proceed to the "Getting Started Section".
It has been recently updated to be a even more user friendly so just put the early learning curve discomfort away and sit back and watch the videos.
Number one important key to finishing quickly: Don't skip around - If you follow the steps in order and don't skip ahead or skip around you'll find that setting up will go faster and you won't be so confused.
You don't always need to know why you're doing something - just know that when it's all put together you'll have it right if you follow the "getting started" steps.
Step 2: Almost every video is under 10 minutes - Watch them all the way to avoid missing info.
The first couple of videos are an introduction to the concepts of a funded proposal (which is what MLSP is) and internet attraction network marketing.
Don't make the derailing mistake of skipping that important information.
You'll need to catch on if you want to generate leads.
Step 3: System Campaigns - The MLM Lead System Pro system campaigns are pre-created lead capture pages that you should use immediately to get started.
They are simple, effective, and give information that people are looking for right now.
You should get those links in front of your warm market as soon as possible to see whom within your circle of influence is interested in learning more about marketing a business online.
Once you know who is open you should be connecting with them on the level of marketing.
When the time is right you can ask them if they are open to looking at your opportunity.
In the mean time build a business relationship that is strong and long term.
Step 4: Sharing your links - We've already talked about that one so let's move on.
Step 5: Connecting online - This is where you get some training about using sites like Facebook.
Watch the video for excellent advice about never, ever, ever marketing your opportunity on sites like these.
It's all about making connections.
(Always be prospecting.
Think long term.
) Step 6: Starts you on the Bootcamp - Here is where you really get into some action.
This is a step by step guide that takes you all the way through setting up your entire marketing system.
Take it one step at a time.
(And remember to do the step that gets your MLSP stuff fully hosted if you are doing article marketing!) Enjoy your getting started time and get past it as quickly as possible! Now go out there and POP your dreamseeds!
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