Do We Know What Causes Pearly Penile Papules?

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Are you wondering what causes pearly penile papules? If you are, it may be because you have noticed the presence of these small areas.
You may think you do.
The good news is that they are fairly common and occur in about 25 percent of all men.
The condition is not one that has any serious health consequences and that means there is nothing to worry about if you do have them.
However, because they can create an embarrassing situation for many men, it is a good idea to talk to a provider about them so you can get rid of them.
The Causes What causes pearly penile papules? The good news is that they do not come from any type of sexually transmitted condition.
In fact, they are just a normal part of the body for some people.
Just as your body may have freckles or you may have oddly shaped toes, this is a difference that some men have in their physical makeup.
As a normal anatomic variant, it is important to understand that though they do occur in many men, they do not have to remain there.
You can get rid of them.
Some things to keep in mind: - They are not contagious to other people.
- This condition does not pose any type of health risk to you even though they look like other types of sexually transmitted diseases.
- You cannot get them from having sex or give them to someone else in this act.
- They are not a form of cancer and there is no long term risk of developing cancer as the result of having them.
- They are not warts and do not have any of the health risks or complications associated with warts.
- They do not cause any difference in performance in a sexual environment.
They do not affect a man's fertility either.
- They are not the result of poor hygiene.
If you have them, it does not mean you are failing to care for your body.
When asking, "what causes pearly penile papules?" the fact is, there is no true understanding of what the actual cause is.
It may be hereditary factors.
You may have this condition just because your genes say you should have it.
If you notice these small, dome-shaped bumps on your skin or thread-like areas, do not be alarmed by t hem.
There is no risk to you as the result of having them.
The problem is not one that you have to live with, though.
You can find treatment options for getting rid of them or lessening their overall presence.
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