Tips For Getting Your Ex Back With The Magic Of Making Up

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Has the loneliness of losing the love of your life and the seemingly impossible task of getting him back made you almost give up hope? Searching for a way to win back his heart in such a sure-fire way that it almost seems like magic? Well, the methods I know of aren't anything but science, but they work like check it out!

Your ex left you for a reason. It's all part of a big formula, or recipe. X made him leave, so you need to subtract X from the equation and do Y to get him to come back to you. It's really that simple...where it gets difficult is in determining exactly what X and Y are...which is why I'm going to list off some potential X's and possible Y's to go with them.

X1: You cheated on him. It's not something I'd assume you'd do, but more and more couples are being rocked by this's ridiculous that it continues to happen day after day, but the unfortunate truth is that it does.

Y1: If you breached your partner's trust by doing this, you did more than just prove yourself a disloyal liar, you shattered your partner's confidence and may as well as reached into his chest and torn his heart out. It'll be a hard road for him to recovery, but if you've truly repented over the things you did, I've seen people get back together after this. It makes no sense to me why they do, but they do.

X2: The relationship got stale and stagnant until there was nothing left. This to me is the worst kind of breakup, the kind when two people who used to absolutely shine in each other's companionship just fade to blah. This happens when you two no longer take the time to enjoy each other, and by that I don't mean in the bedroom although that can be a facet. I mean all the other ways couples take pleasure from being together...walks on the beach, going out to clubs, even just curling up with a horror movie and a bucket of popcorn between you. You've lost the things that make a relationship such a joy.

Y2: Get them back. Remind your partner and yourself of how great it is to be together, not by telling him and yourself but by experiencing it! Remember those great times you had when you first met? Relive them! Revel in how amazing it was when you first realized you had somebody to stand beside you through all the world had to offer...being in a passionate relationship is perhaps the most glorious and wonderful thing that people can experience, so catch hold of that feeling again and never let it go...there's no reason to let a relationship ever have an expiration date.

X3: There just wasn't enough emotional support in the relationship, from you or from him. Chances are if HE dumped YOU, then it was you who wasn't there for him. You may not like to look at yourself that way, but that could be the way it is. People need to feel certain things from their partners, and for most people that involves how you respond to them both verbally and visually. If there feels like no connection on an emotional level, things are going to die out.

Y3: So much of this can be prevented simply by listening, truly listening...but likely at this point we're past prevention and into redemption. Well, it can be fixed the same way you can avoid ever starting it: listening. This involves more than just processing the words that come out of his mouth, it has to do with paying attention to everything he does. People tell you things with more than just their words, so tune into his feelings and adapt your actions to mesh perfectly with them. Before long you'll discover a mutual bond with each other that helps you through a lot of difficulty.

Those are just three variables and their solutions, but the science of it is very real. These are all direct cause-and-effect relationships, and the wonders that working these simple equations can achieve are so amazing that it can seem like magic how effective they are! So if you'd like some more information on the subject, you can discover the Magic of Making Up through the links below.

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