Basic Business - Don"t Criticize the Competition

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I received an invitation to watch a video of a new program.
The invitation came from a coach and I am a member of her list.
I trust her information and resources, so I watched.
It was an interesting presentation about a new way to change your life.
As a writer and coach, I am always intrigued about any new programs or books out there.
As a marketing major, I always study the material as I receive it.
I am very outspoken about what I like and what I don't.
There is definitely no easier way to loose my interest than for you as a salesperson to start trashing the competition.
My favorite expression under the category of trash talking is the famous - We don't mean any disrespect but - and the next comments are derogatory and most times, offensive.
There are better, more effective ways to demonstrate that your product or service deserves our attention, is better, prettier, more impressive, cheaper, smarter.
1) Start with benefits.
Instead of giving me your life story about how you tried everything and how every product failed you, tell me what are the benefits of me using your product.
Three or four great benefits are better than any critique you can write about the competition.
2) Tell me what are your credentials.
I don't mean that you have to be a PhD.
I expect that you have a track record of some sort or that you have been studying the situation for a certain time.
Mention specific cases when you or someone else used your product and services and what were the results.
This is a good time to show any testimonials of people in your target market.
Celebrities might be good for some, the average mom just wants to know that other moms are achieving great results.
Even more important, stating your credentials is more important than saying why every other product does not deliver.
You have no way of knowing if what you criticize about a product is exactly what I am looking for.
3) Don't take too much of my time.
The video I received was 30 minutes long.
You don't know your prospect, this is the equivalent of a cold call.
Don't waste my time telling me your life story.
Don't tell me how you are not this or that and how your product is not like the others.
Think commercial, get my attention and then ask me if I want more information.
With a simple click of a mouse I can receive a longer presentation where you can give me more details.
This is also true for those disturbingly long sales letters everyone is so fond of sending through email.
What I am telling you might fly in the face of all the research and what many gurus say.
I really don't know much about what the experts say on this matter.
What I can tell you is that I am a consumer first, a marketing student second.
I am pretty sure that many busy mothers and fathers agree with me.
If by chance, we are your target market, you are going about it the wrong way.
The internet has made it easier than ever to deliver your content quickly and cheaply.
That does not mean that you are not going to study your market and create a sales pitch that grabs their attention.
Find out what we need.
Don't forget to show us the benefits, demonstrate your ability to fix the problem and keep it short.
Never trash the competition, bore us with your story if we did not ask or go long.
If you keep it simple, we will listen to you.
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