We Have the Power

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CAN WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? The Tourist season is over, Tax season is done, now Hurricane season is upon us.
And all kinds of economic and political dark clouds are looming on the horizon.
We should be worried, shouldn't we? Many of us are.
We are almost compelled to worry.
Just listen to the News, pass by a gas station on the way to the Supermarket, talk to acquaintances.
There is hardly a conversation these days where somebody doesn't mention: 'Things don't look good" or " It's really hard..
" But worry breeds only uncertainty and doubt.
We are trying to keep what we have, because we are afraid to lose it.
Pictures of worst case scenarios are playing in our minds.
We are dwelling on things we don't want to happen and don't move ahead.
If it's too awful, we can't seem to bring ourselves to plan against it.
Instead , we are fascinated by more gloomy forecasts.
"It" seems farther away if we don't plan for "IT".
Something other's will have to deal with.
Take New Orleans for example.
When the hurricane hit,people still couldn't believe the water would rise as far as it did, even while ankle deep in it.
It's no different for any kind of crisis, natural or economic.
What helps is planning.
Planning how to deal with it puts the focus on the solution, not the problem.
Having a plan means having certain actions to perform.
Action puts us in control.
We take part and we handle what comes at us.
We are no longer victims of circumstance when we plan and take action.
We are solution- finders.
We deliberately influence and change the situation.
We are always creating our own reality, either by action or omission.
The difference lies only in our perception of ourselves.
If we give in to worry, we don't accept our own power.
We see ourselves as pawns in the big game.
When we plan, we take the game into our own hands.
We choose what is important.
We concentrate on how We want it to come out.
When we put our plans into action as best we can, the things we want to happen start to happen the way we want them to happen.
Then we learn.
Then we get satisfaction for our efforts.
Then success is measured in our own terms and insecurity replaced by the joy of acting with a purpose.
So if you see clouds gathering on your horizon- take notice.
And plan and do something about it sooner than later.
After all it is the rain that helps things grow as much as the sunshine.
And never underestimate the power of your mind! Verena Edler, Positive Minds Hypnosis
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