How to Be a Man Magnet? 7 Things You Absolutely Need to Know in Order to Attract Guys

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Some women can easily go up to any man and are comfortable in their company and there are some who just don't seem to go beyond being a friend.
They wonder what is it that others have which makes it so easy to attract men.
The truth is that they just have this inborn ability, and others will have to develop some of the qualities if they want to be a man magnet.
Some tips to help you out.
Your appearance counts You don't have to be a real looker to be a man magnet.
But be careful in your dressing up and be well groomed.
If required, change your wardrobe and get some fashionable clothes.
Use right makeup and give your hair a new style.
It works well to up your spirits and give your confidence a boost.
Show those sexy legs Show off your legs with skirts and dresses that flatter them.
It is bad idea to always be in pants as most men have weakness for good pair of legs.
Friendly attitude If you want to be a man magnet, you should be someone who is sociable and comfortable in the company of men.
You should be friendly and be able to converse intelligently and not sound ignorant.
Men should not find your attitude overpowering or aggressive.
Give out right signals Smile brightly and give out the signal that you are interested or throw him meaningful glances that send out non-verbal but very effective signals.
Experts say that women who send out signals are more likely to get attention from men, and their being attractive has nothing to do with it.
Play up your femininity Being modern doesn't mean you don't use your femininity to your advantage.
Present yourself smelling good and properly groomed so that he wants to hug you.
Bring out your nurturing and caring nature, and he will want to be in your company as he likes being taking care of.
Comment on his positive attributes Men like to hear good things about themselves.
Notice some endearing quality of his, maybe he is a good listener or his considerate nature; and comment on it.
He will feel good about himself and this makes you a little more attractive in his eyes.
Think yourself as man magnet Have confidence in yourself, be self assured and have a positive outlook.
Don't just think but believe that you are a man magnet.
While clubbing with your friends go all out and have a good time, remain in light and playful mood.
Guys like to be with girls who are fun to be with and avoid the sulky types.
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