Arts & Crafts for Autistic Children

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    Finger Painting

    • Finger painting is a basic craft for autistic children. This craft encourages children to create while improving their motor skills. Do this activity outdoors or place newspaper down on a table before setting up this craft. Provide the children with thick card stock paper and demonstrate how to do the project first by making your own finger paint design. Help the children paint shapes and numbers with their fingers.

    Real Leaf Tree

    • Help the children make a tree trunk out of brown construction paper. Use scissors to cut out the shape of the trunk. Use clear glue to attach the tree trunk on white card stock paper. Help the kids create branches with brown markers. Then go outdoors and collect real fall leaves. Each child needs 10 or more leaves. Help the kids glue the leaves on the branches of the trunk and create layers. If possible, pluck real grass for the children to glue on the bottom of their pages. This craft helps autistic children to get some fresh air outdoors and put their creative skills to the test.

    Cereal Necklace

    • Buy string and round cereal with holes through the middle. Cut 10-inch strings for each child and help the children string cereal pieces until they create a long necklace. Tie the necklaces for the children and help them put on their creations. This is a simple yet creative craft for autistic children because they can enjoy the colors, texture and taste of the cereal along with creating wearable art.

    Hand Print Tracing

    • Hand print tracing is another craft that falls into the realm of projects that autistic children can do on their own. Buy colorful construction paper and help the kids trace the shape of their hands directly on the paper. This craft helps improve their coordination skills as they create their pictures.

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