How to Change the Wheel Joints on a Dodge 3500

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    • 1). Raise the 3500 with a jack and support the truck with jack stands.

    • 2). Place a spring compressor onto the coil spring on the control arm on the side on which you will be replacing the wheel joint.

    • 3). Remove the tire and wheel assembly with a socket wrench. This will reveal the wheel joint.

    • 4). Remove the cotter pin and upper ball stud nut with a socket wrench.

    • 5). Use the C-3561 tool to remove the wheel joint from the control arm.

    • 6). Install a replacement wheel joint and tighten it with a torque wrench to 125 foot pounds. Tighten the upper ball stud nut to 135 foot pounds.

    • 7). Reattach the cotter pin and remove the spring compressor. Reattach the tire and wheel assembly and repeat the procedure on any other wheel joints that need to be replaced, then lower your Dodge 3500 to the ground.

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