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cheap Swtor Credits gear is usually BoE or BoP, as is common in many MMOs. Niftily, you can equip bound items to your companions as well as your own character, so if you have a great gun but get an upgrade, you may well have a companion who can make use of it.

All player characters have 14 equipment slots: nine for armor, two for weapons and three for relics. Companion characters cheap Swtor Credits can wear the same gear you do, but they dont have any relic slots. Note that companions have their own gear restrictions based on their class even if youre a heavy armor user, your companions might use medium or light armor.

Heavy armor is worn by Jedi Guardians, Sith Juggernauts, and all Troopers & Bounty Hunters. Its itemised for Strength for the Force-users, or Aim for the Troopers & Bounty Hunters.

There are a range of weapons available (blaster pistols & rifles, assault cannons, flamethrowers, a range of vibroblades, and of course lightsabers; some can be dual-wielded by some classes. Each advanced class basically has a signature weapon and can use very few weapons other than their signature weapon.

Blaster pistols are used by all low-levels Bounty Hunters, Smugglers and Imperial Agents, and then BHs who choose the Mercenary advanced class dual-wield them, as do Smuggler Gunslingers. Smuggler Scoundrels and IA Operatives use a single blaster pistol.

Blaster rifles are used by all troopers at low levels; Trooper Vanguards continue to use them for their entire careers.Other ranged weapons include Sniper Rifles , Assault Cannons, Flamethrowers, and Scatterguns.

Swtor Credits not fully implemented in game when I was testing it, and Im not sure what relics are or do. The only relics I know of at the moment are hard to get and have relatively small base stats bonuses on them. I suspect that this is something BioWare has been keeping under wraps until launch.
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