How to Set Up a Paint Gun

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    • 1). Adjust the fluid control. With the control knob turned out all the way, pull the trigger down. With the trigger held down, turn the knob until you feel the trigger getting some "push back." The trigger should be a little difficult to hold down, but not too resistant. This adjustment will help force the paint out of the gun.

    • 2). Shift the fan control, on the side of the gun. Since the fan actually sprays the paint, the fan control sets the pattern for the paint's application. Ideally, the pattern would not be round, but rather square or rectangular.

    • 3). Set the PSI of the paint gun at the air micrometer. Most state laws require that the paint gun has a specific PSI, usually under 50. Follow closely the manufacturer's instructions that accompany the gun.

    • 4). Insert the paint cartridge in the spray gun.

    • 5). Give the spray gun a trial run. Spray the paint on a piece of cardboard or other disposable building material. Adjust the air micrometer, fluid control, and fan control in order to get the right depth, pattern, and pressure necessary.

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