How to Introduce an Anatolian Shepherd to a Flock

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    • 1). Choose an Anatolian Shepherd puppy from working lines. Working dogs often show stronger instincts for guarding than other lines of dogs. A working-lined puppy will take to guarding much faster, and will be a much better guardian for your flock.

    • 2). Purchase your puppy when she is around 8 weeks of age. The younger your puppy is, the more impressionable she will be to her flock.

    • 3). Enclose your flock in a fairly small area for the first few weeks. The smaller an enclosure you can place your flock in, the easier it will be for your puppy to associate with the flock.

    • 4). Bathe your puppy well to remove any foreign smells from his coat. Flock animals such as sheep and goats can be very sensitive to smells, so a puppy with little to no foreign smell will be much more easily accepted.

    • 5). Place your puppy in with your flock. Your puppy should live with your flock around the clock so that she bonds with your animals and comes to recognize them as part of her pack. If she regards the flock as hers, she will be much more likely to guard them.

    • 6). Observe your puppy with the flock. The puppy might seem lonely for the first few days, but he will soon become integrated into the flock, and will be considered one of them by the other animals.

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