National and State Flowers of Australia

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Australia has a diverse landscape with deserts as well as tropical areas.
The climate of Australia is also quite diverse due to which a large variety of flowers can be found in this country.
Some of these flowers are quite rare and can be found only in this part of the world.
However, there are many other varieties of flowers in this continent, which can be grown in other tropical and temperate regions as well.
Moreover, apart from the national flower, each state of Australia has its own floral emblem.
The national and state flowers of Australia are mentioned below.
Golden Wattle Golden Wattle has been the national flower of Australia since 1988.
Moreover, in 1992, September 1st was declared as the National Wattle Day in Australia.
The flower is yellow in color and quite fluffy.
The flower represents patriotism in Australia and can be found in many parts of this country including western Victoria and New South Wales.
Royal Bluebell Royal Bluebell is the floral emblem of the Australian Capital Territory.
It grows in high rainfall areas of Australia.
This attractive flower is violet blue in color and has a pale white center.
The diameter of the flower ranges from 2 to 3 centimeters.
Waratah Waratah is the state flower of New South Wales.
The flower is deep red and has a rounded head.
The flower is native to the central coast of New South Wales.
The flowering period of Waratah is from September to November.
Sturt's Desert Rose Sturt's Desert Rose is the floral emblem Australia's Northern Territory.
It is named after Captain Charles Sturt, who was the first person to collect this species.
The flower is associated with a cotton plant.
The color of the petal can be pink, purple or maroon.
Other names given to it include Darling River rose, cotton rosebush and Australian cotton.
Cooktown Orchid It has been the state flower of Queensland since 1959.
It is named after Cooktown, which is a town in Queensland.
The flower is found near it.
The flower has a diameter of 3-6 centimeters and is pale lilac in color.
Its flowering period is from March to July.
Sturt's Desert Pea It is the state flower of South Australia.
It grows on a creeping plant and can be found in different shades of red.
The base of the flower is either purple or black.
It can be found in Central Australia as well as South Australia.
Tasmanian Blue Gum It is the floral Emblem of Tasmania.
It grows on a tree and occurs singly on the leaves.
As far as appearance is concerned, the flower is warty and has a cap representing the petals and sepals.
It can be found throughout the Island of Tasmania and grows in early summer.
Common Heath It is Victoria's floral emblem.
It was first flower to become a state floral emblem.
The flower can be found in different colors including pale pink, rose pink, white, scarlet, and crimson.
The pink one is the state's floral emblem.
It can be found in the Victoria as well as in New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia.
Red and Green Kangaroo Paw This flower is the floral emblem of Western Australia.
It is named red and green kangaroo paw because it is shaped like the paw of a kangaroo and is green and red in color.
The natural habitat is Western Australia and its flowering period is from August to October.
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