How to Paint High Gloss

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    • 1). Prepare the area to be painted. Remove nails and other objects from the walls and ceilings -- such as light fixtures, vents and outlet covers. Fill in holes with spackle using a putty knife, using an X motion as you apply it. Wait for the spackle to dry according to the instructions, which may take as long as 24 hours.

    • 2). Clean dirty spots on the surface you'll be painting by using a damp sponge and trisodium phosphate. Make sure the area has dried completely before taping it.

    • 3). Sandpaper excess spackle after it has dried so that the surface you'll be painting is smooth.

    • 4). Cover furniture and flooring with drop cloths and apply painter's tape smoothly and evenly to separate the surface to be painted from areas you don't wish to paint.

    • 5). Apply an oil-based primer to the surface using a paint roller for walls and a paintbrush for areas that are hard to reach with the paint roller. Wait for the primer to dry, according to the instructions. If necessary, cover the surface with a second coat of primer.


    • 1). Apply the first coat of high gloss paint with even strokes in smaller sections measuring about 2' x 2'. For larger surfaces such as walls and doors, a low-nap paint roller is best, as brushstrokes from paintbrushes can show easily when you're using high gloss paint. Use an angled paintbrush for trim.

    • 2). Clean up your materials and wait for the paint to dry, usually about 24 hours. Cover paint trays with a damp rag and seal paint cans. Clean out your rollers and paintbrushes and let them dry overnight -- or if you'll be using the same paint the next day, wrap them in a plastic bag or wrap with the paint still on them, and store them in the freezer.

    • 3). Apply a second coat of high gloss paint and clean up your materials, washing out your paint tray, paintbrushes and rollers.

    • 4). Remove tape slowly and carefully after paint has fully dried.

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