FarmVille Collectibles - How to Get Them and Earn FarmVille Coins and Experience Points

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So, what are FarmVille Collectibles and how do you get them? You have been playing the game for a while, and have picked up a few prized items, but do not see any method to the madness! It seems that you get items randomly, so what is the story? Is there anything you can do to get even more more Collectibles.
Did you know that after you collect an entire set, you can post a message to all your friends, and they will get one item from the set when they click on your message? Let's run over how you can get FarmVille Collectibles, and why you should be pursuing them.
There are several sets of exclusive FarmVille Collectibles that you can receive simply by fertilizing, harvesting, plowing and gifting.
FarmVille pays you for playing their game by gifting you these bonus items.
This is the only way you can get them.
These FarmVille Collectibles are given randomly while you are performing these daily activities, so just keep farming.
These are the FarmVille sets you need to get to earn your bonuses...
1 - Gardening Tools Collection Cultivator, Twine, Pruning Saw, Gloves, Shears, Trowel.
2 - Bugs Collection Dragonfly, Stick Bug, Centipede, Ladybug, Caterpillar, Beetle 3 - Country Kitsch Collection Thimble, Pocket-watch, Needlepoint, Cowbell, Salt Shaker, Spigot 4 - Feathers Collection Hen Feather, Blue Feather, Green Plume, Red Feather, Dappled Plume, Banded Quill Now here comes the good news.
When you have at least one of each item in a set, you can trade the set in for 5,000 FarmVille Coins, 250 FarmVille Experience Points or 5 tanks of fuel! After you have cashed in one set, you start collecting all over again.
As long as you keep compiling complete sets of FarmVille Collectibles, you can continue to trade them in for these bonuses.
Good luck, and start collecting!
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