How to Paint a Fitness Room

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    • 1). Choose a paint color that stimulates, but is also pleasing to your eye and goes with your decor. Striking shades of red, yellow and orange can be great choices to keep your mood and energy up in a fitness room. Bright, clean white, especially used in conjunction with good lighting and exercise mirrors, can also be a good choice.

    • 2). Purchase a low-fume, low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint in the color of your choice. Paints with low fumes and fewer harmful chemicals are good not only for the environment and your interior air quality, but also are especially important in a fitness room where proper deep breathing is vital. Visit the Apartment Therapy link in the Resources section to learn where to find low-fume, low-VOC paints.

    • 3). Move equipment and mats away from the walls. Give yourself several feet of space to work, as well as some buffer space so that paint doesn't land on the equipment if it accidentally splatters or spills.

    • 4). Tape off any trim or areas that you do not want to paint using painters tape.

    • 5). Remove any outlet covers, switch covers or vent registers.

    • 6). Lay a drop cloth on the floor.

    • 7). Open a can of paint, stir well and pour into a small container that you can easily hold in your hand.

    • 8). Paint edges and corners with the paintbrush. Cover anywhere that a paint roller will not be able to reach.

    • 9). Pour paint into the paint roller pan.

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      Paint the remainder of the walls using the paint roller. Apply a thin coat and wait for it to dry for two to four hours.

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      Apply a second coat of paint, beginning with the corners and edges using the paint brush and following up with the paint roller as in Steps 7-10. Let the paint dry for 2 to 4 hours. Apply a third coat if needed. Most good quality paint will provide coverage in two coats.

    • 12

      Remove the painter's tape within about 30 minutes of applying the final coat.

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