Young Drivers Insurance - How to Get Significant Discounts

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Until you hit the age of 25, you are considered a young driver by most insurance companies.
As a young driver, you will pay premiums for your auto insurance that are higher than the premiums paid by those above 25.
This is the case because drivers under 25 make more insurance claims than drivers over 25.
However, there are some things you can do to get significant discounts on young drivers insurance, making a quality policy that not only satisfies legal requirements, but protects you and your automobile, affordable.
1) Keep your driving record squeaky clean.
Even one small blemish on the driving record of a driver under the age of 25 can have severe effects on the premiums that driver has to pay.
Drive safely and within the law so that you don't get any tickets.
This is the number one key to getting discounted rates on car insurance for younger drivers.
2) Take a driving class.
There are several types of driving classes that you can take.
However, the best ones for securing good discounts on your insurance coverage are defensive driving classes or safety driving classes.
If you show proof of completion for a driving course like this, you can get major discounts on your auto insurance rates.
3) Grades.
Are you a student? Undergraduate and graduate students can get significant discounts on their auto policies by simply maintaining a high GPA.
This is true whether you attend a trade school, art school, junior college, or accredited four year university.
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