Fantasy Sports: Past and Present

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Fantasy sport is a popular term throughout the world. This is a game where players act as owners and create a team to play against the opposite fantasy owners. This is a statistical work which is created by the real individuals and professional sports teams. This now a hobby and it is estimated by the FSTA(Fantasy Sports Trade Association) that, in the USA and Canada, the number of people playing fantasy sports is above 41 million in 2014 and the people associated with this sport are above the age of 12. At the same time, participation is also rising. The number in 2013 was 33 million in the US where as, the number was 3.1 million in Canada in the year 2011.


This concept started just after 2nd world war in which picking players and running a game were done. But, towards the last part of 1950s, fantasy golf was started, but was never organized into a large and widespread hobby. In the 1960s, there was a game named as Baseball Seminar, started by Harvard University Sociologist, William Gamson.

The modern concept came into picture with the advent of  Rotisserie League Baseball. It was started in the year  1980. In this way some other write ups also came that acted as a feed to its popularity. Within a short period of time it became a great hobby and got huge popularity.

Use of Technology:

With the rise of Internet in 90s, fantasy  gamesgot more popularity. This technology helped in entering into the hobby as a compilation of stats was quick through the online medium. News and information was also available easily and instantly. A number of online fantasy games started in this period with different league prices. After some time, media players also got involved in this area. Yahoo started fantasy sport in 1999 and most of the games were free. Gradually, this kind of sports became a mainstream hobby and a new platform came into picture as daily fantasy sport. Even, many websites offered prizes up to $1 million for one day contest.

New Fantasy Games:

Apart from the sporting events, the fantasy sporting expanded to the non-sports areas like, sales, politics, movies, gossip, reality TV shows, etc. With the huge popularity of this kind of games, few domains in India are also offering Cricket Stock Exchange, an online trading game based on stock exchange principle.

However, the development has also started the tension between companies and professional leagues along with players' associations. But, this type of games now taking a new shape and a major business among sports enthusiasts.
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